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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Update on Piper

Piper has been handling treatment very well!  She hasn't had many 'bad' days.  She has shown some signs of nausea, so we have been giving her the nausea medicine as needed.  It's really hard to determine if she isn't feeling well because she is such a happy and playful little girl!  Her platelets were low on Friday, so we have to have another CBC done on Tuesday. 

She is doing a little better with eating.  We are trying to increase her calorie consumption as much as possible.  She rejects just about anything with lumps or texture.  We met with a nutritionist, and she has recommended that Piper drink at least 16 oz. of Pediasure each day.  That will make sure she's getting the nutrients that she needs.  She also recommended adding heavy cream to mashed fruits or canola oil to vegetables or other foods, when possible.  So, we will keep trying to introduce different solids.  We have determined that she likes pudding and brownies!  .....  high in calories, but not so nutritious!

Piper is also going to start participating in the Governor Morehead Preschool program.  An instructor from the school will come to our house every other week and spend time with Piper.  We are excited to see how this might help her progress.

We are scheduled to go back to Duke next Friday, April 8th for another chemo session.  The following Wednesday, she is scheduled to have a CT done.  The doctors and surgeons will review the CT and determine if the tumors have shrunk enough to do surgery or if we need to continue with another round of chemo.  If they decide it is time to have the surgery, it will probably happen the next week.  We are praying that we will have good news soon!

We are so grateful for all of the continued prayers and support.  I will try to keep everyone posted as much as possible. 

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  1. Good luck !!!! I really hope everything goes well. I am thinking of you and Piper :) :) :) xxx


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