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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Big Day

We are out of the PICU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can not express just how happy we are about this.  It is a big step!  They didn't have a room available for us where we usually go, so they put us in the step down unit (5300 unit) tonight.  It is just a step down from PICU.  Hopefully we will get a regular room tomorrow.   The best part is that I can sleep in the room with her!

Piper had a great day.  She has been talking more, and she even smiled and laughed!  Her blood pressure seems to be under control, and her heart rate is good.  She will continue to have dialysis every other day.  She will also have renal ultrasounds every other day to see if her kidney is showing improvement or not.  They removed her foley today.  That is the catheter that catches her urine output.  She is now peeing in her diaper again.  They will weigh the diapers to confirm how much she is peeing.  It's not much, though.  They also removed her last remaining IV from surgery.  She is losing some of the water weight, but not much.  She is a very large baby right now!  So, all in all she is doing well.

She is in a bit of pain because of gas.  The pressure on her abdomen really bothers her.  Please pray for rest and comfort as she heals.