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Sunday, March 4, 2012

She's 2!

Piper turned 2 years old on Friday!  Yeah!!!!

Piper had a wonderful day on Friday.  Her Daddy bought her a beautiful dress to wear on her birthday.  We went out for dinner, and she finished the evening with a little angel food cake and cool whip!  On Saturday we had a small party to celebrate.  Her grandparents came and celebrated with us.  She had a wonderful time!!!  She had more angel food cake (cupcakes) and cool whip.  That's the only cake that she is allowed to have because of her diet restrictions.  She liked it, though!

She was sick a few weeks ago with a virus.  She ended up having to go to the ER for fluids because she was dehydrated.  Since then, though, she has been doing wonderful!!  As soon as she got well, I got sick, and now I'm doing fine.  Her big sister had a fever this morning, though.  .....  maybe someday we'll be able to return to church when we're healthy!  I am ready for all of these sick days to be over so we can start getting out and enjoying the spring weather that is coming our way!  Please pray for healing for our family!  Thank you!

We thank God for bringing healing to our little girl throughout the past year.  It is such a blessing that she is here with us today, and that we were able to celebrate her 2nd birthday at home cancer free!  We are so blessed!