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Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Good Week and Chemo

We have had a good week at home!  Piper has been very energetic, and she has really enjoyed playing on the floor with her big sister.  We had clinic on Friday at Duke.  Her blood counts were all good!  Her ANC was over a thousand, and all of her other counts were up.  This meant that she could receive chemo.  She received all three types on Friday.  We are praying that she handles it well this time.  Typically about 10 - 14 days after she receives all three, her blood counts crash and so does she.  So, we are hoping for her to feel better this time around. 

So far, Piper has not had any noticeable hair loss.  Yesterday, though, I noticed that half of the eyelashes on her left eye are gone.  I hope they grow back as long and pretty as they once were! 

We are scheduled to go back to clinic on Friday.  We hope that we don't have any reason to go back before then.  She is also eating better!!  We are praying that she continues on a good track next week!