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Friday, September 14, 2012

It's Been A Long Week

Piper watching the "fishies" at Duke.

I am so tired of driving back and forth to hospitals!

On Monday, I had to go to UNC to visit a social worker.  This is just one more of the items to check off of the list.  I am not sure what the social worker was really supposed to do for me.  She asked me the same questions that everyone asks me, and couldn't really answer any of my lingering questions...

On Tuesday, Piper and I had to visit her oncologist at Duke.  We need him to view her CT scans and give his OK for her to have surgery; meaning her scans show no "evidence of disease".  Well, her scans do show this, but UNC didn't actually scan everything they were supposed to.  They only did a CT of her lower abdomen.  So, Piper has to have another CT done on the 24th.  We're having this one done at Duke.  They can read the scans pretty much the same day.  This is very frustrating as she will have to be sedated again, and that is such an ordeal.  She simply will not lay down with other people around, so sedation is necessary.  I am grateful that we were able to get her scheduled so soon.  It typically can take weeks to get on that schedule!

We had Wednesday off...  no appointments...  we stayed home and learned the lowercase letter "d"!  Emma was thrilled!!!

On Thursday, I had to drive to UNC for an appointment with a psychologist and the "final" appointment with the surgeon.  Well, that was the plan anyway...  On my way to UNC, I received a call.  The psychologist had to cancel her appointment.  I waited weeks to get in for this appointment.  I was not happy!  I explained my "unhappiness" to the caller, and she kindly agreed to "see what she could do".  The surgeon agreed to meet me earlier, so I didn't have to sit at UNC for hours waiting for that appointment.  The surgeons were wonderful.  They said their schedule is pretty much open at this point.  They do all kidney transplants with living donors on Tuesdays.  Once everything is approved, we should be able to schedule surgery quickly; possibly the following week!  She stated that it is very likely that surgery will be in October!  Now, if we can just get Piper's checklist completed, we will be doing great! .........  I received a call later in the day that the psychologist can see me this morning (Friday) at UNC.  So.....

This morning (Friday), I get to drive to UNC again!!!  (lucky me!)  I am fairly certain that the psychologist will be asking me the same exact questions that everyone else has asked me.  I will give the same answers, and I will come home.  This, however, will be my last appointment for my donor workup.  I should then be approved next week.  Please pray that this happens!!!!  It will be so nice to have something "done".

This has been such a roller coaster.  There are so many unknowns that you have to deal with while on this journey.  It is very mentally and physically exhausting.  I am so grateful for all of the prayers and support for our family.  I'll try to post next week as soon as we hear something!