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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Piper's Eye Appointment

Piper had her appointment today at Duke Eye Center.  It sounds a little funny, but they had to dilate her eyes.  Obviously, it wasn't for the purpose of making her pupils larger.  Apparently, they needed to dilate her eyes so she couldn't change her focus while the doctor was examining them. 

She is very near sighted.  We already knew that, but apparently now they know her prescription.  Ordinarily they would have given her glasses today, but they don't want to add any new stress for Piper yet.  The benefit of her having glasses now compared to a few months or a year from now doesn't justify the stress on Piper.  Also, there is no sign of glaucoma at this time.  Yeah!!!!!!!  Her cataracts have also not changed much.  This is great news.  We aren't really ready to deal with that surgery yet.

So, we go back to the Duke Eye Center in March. 

Her next doctor's appointment is scheduled for December 7th.  She needs to visit her surgeon, Dr. Rice, to have him look at her tummy.  They think there is a small whole/leak in her peritoneal dialysis tubing.  They saw a pocket of fluid in her abdomen when they did the CT last week.  They say this is common and routine, though.  So, hopefully, we can get that taken care of quickly and easily.  I was told it is an outpatient procedure.  Yeah!!!! We aren't interested in any overnight stays!

For now, we are just looking forward to a peaceful Thanksgiving holiday with family!  Happy Thanksgiving!  Enjoy the pie!